Pantex Holland upholds a world-wide reputation for its high qualified veterinary pharmaceutical products. Over 150 products are being distributed by Pantex to various parts of the world.

The company is officially recognized by European authorities and was awarded the GMP-status back in 2001. Next to the items that Pantex produces for the intensive animal husbandry, there is also available a full range of veterinary products for non-consumption animals. These products are being manufactured under the same conditions. Analyses are being performed on all raw materials, during production and on the finished product. The final presentation however has been amended to smaller packing, quite suitable for medication to smaller animals, pigeons, fish and reptiles. Pantex' conviction that this segment of the market also needs responsible medication, guaranties a high quality veterinary medicine!

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Health schedule
You can download our free health schedule for racing-pigeons here (PDF-file):