Pantex Holland Disinfection range


With the worldwide reduction of antibiotic use in animal husbandry, farmers are looking for better ways to manage the biosecurity on their farms.


In cooperation with many farmers and product specialists, Pantex Holland has developed a range of disinfectants. The four products in this range help farmers to successfully target the most critical aspects of biosecurity.


H²O Combi-DES
h20 Combi Des
Safe and extremely effective drinking water disinfectant to be used in presence of animals.


H²O SystemSafe
h20 SystemSafe

Powerful cleaner and disinfectant for drinking water systems in animal husbandry.



Protectall Plus 
Protectall Plus

Highly effective and easy to use foaming disinfectant for animal housing.




Broad spectrum disinfectant for quick disinfection of animal housing, equipment and vehicles.


All four products are registered in the Netherlands. Contact us for more information. 

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