Provethrine 30 Pour-On



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A clear solution for external pour on usage, containing as active ingredient:

Cypermethrin:     3% w/v (30 grams per litre) Cypermethrin (Cis/Trans80/20)


Activity and indications:

Mode of action: A stomach and contact insecticide.


Uses: Provethrine 30 Pour On is a ready to use solution for direct application on animals. This product offers effective control of tsetse and biting flies, ticks and lice on cattle, sheep, goats and camels. It is particularly effective against biting flies, horn flies, sucking and biting lice.


Protection of animals:        The product is in ready to use form and should be applied on a dosage rate 1 ml / 10 kgbodyweight. Provethrine 30 Pour On can be applied using the incorporated measure. Approximately a quarter of the calculated dose should be applied on the top of the head, the remainder should be poured along the neck and mid backline.


Dosage and administration:

Animal & Bodyweight         Dose volume (ml)

Up to 50:                               5

Up to 100:                            10

101 to 200:                          20

201 to 300:                          30

Over 300:                             40

Tsetse control:                     Apply as two stripes, on each side of the body from the shoulder to the point of the hip.

Tick control:                         Apply one third of the dose on the head between the ears, one third as a stripe along the back line and the remaining third on the tail root.

Other fly & lice control:     Tsetse fly – 4 weekly intervals.

                                               Ticks – 2-4 weeks following the season.

                                               Lice control – 6-8 weeks.

                                               Fly control – repeat treatment.

Contra indications:              Do not treat animals under one week old.

Warnings:                             For external use only.



Storage and handling precautions:

Storage:                                Store in original container under cool dry conditions away from children, animals and foodstuffs. Under these conditions the expected product life is about 3 years.

Handling:                              - When handling concentrate wear rubber or PVC gloves. Cotton overalls and rubber         boots.

- Apply the product in a well ventilated area, preferably in the open air. Do not inhale the vapour.

- Wash hands before and after work.

- Do not smoke, eat or drink whilst handling.

- Avoid contact with spray mist.

- Change into clean clothing immediately after work. Overalls etc. should be washed after use (including the insides of gloves).

- Dispose the empty containers safely by crushing them and burying them in unused ground. Never re-use for food or water.

- Protection of consumers – animals must not be slaughtered for human consumption until 3 days after the last treatment.  Cattle producing milk for human consumption should be treated immediately after milking to allow as long an interval as possible (at least 6 hours) before the next milking. There is no need to withhold milk from subsequent milkings.

- Protection of livestock, wildlife and others – the use of this product should not present a hazard to livestock, wildlife or others provided the following precautions are followed: Harmful to fish. Do not contaminate ponds, waterways or ditches with the product or used container.


First aid:

Symptoms of poisoning:     Symptoms of poisoning might be expected to be facial anaesthesia and tremors. If poisoning is suspected the person should stop working, rest and seek medical attention. If necessary remove any contaminated clothing.

Splashes on skin:                 Wash off immediately with soap and water, repeat, rinse thoroughly.

Splashes in the eyes:          Irrigate eye with clean water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical aid.

Swallowing:                          Provided that the patient is conscious, induce vomiting by tickling back of throat or administering a mild emetic such as salt water. Make the patient rest, seek medical attention. Phenobarbitol and diphenylhydantion mixture may be given intravenously. Treat symptomatically


Shelf life:

3 years.



bottle 250 ml and 500 ml